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Table 2 Functional characterization of 35 differentially expressed transcripts from the DDRT-PCR

From: Cold stress alters transcription in meiotic anthers of cold tolerant chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Transcript no Homology and e-value Biological function Molecular function Cellular component
Transporter activity genes    
A3* Cation/H+ antiporter 14, Arabidopsis thaliana, AT1G06970, 4.1e-05 Ion transport Antiporter activity Membrane
A20* Cation efflux system protein, Agrobacterium radiobactor K84, YP_002543585.1, 0.33 Ion transport, transmembrane transport Copper ion binding Membrane
A82-1* Heavy metal efflux pump CzcA, Gamma proteobacterium, ZP_05061697.1, 4e-03 Unknown Cation transmembrane transporter activity Unknown
A116-3* L-ascorbate oxidase like protein, M. truncatula, XP_003611827.1, 4e-05 Ion transport Copper ion binding Unknown
A121-1* AT5G57110 (Ca2+ transporting ATPase), A. thaliana, BAH20100.1, 6e-05 Calcium transport, ATP biosynthetic process Calcium ion transport Membrane
A123-1* Potassium channel tetramerization domain-containing protein, R. communis, XP_002509821.1, 3e-29 Ion transport Voltage-gated potassium channel activity Membrane
A125-1* F16A14.19, A. thaliana, AAF79412.1, 8e-20 Transport Anion channel activity Unknown
A118** ABC transporter family, M. truncatula, XP_003590459.1, 8e-27 Unknown Ttransporter activity Plasmodesmata
A22* 40S ribosomal protein SA, M. truncatula, XP_003638087.1, 4e-3 Translation Ribonucleoprotein Cytoplasm
A73** 60S ribosomal protein L27a-3, M. Truncatula, XP_003613127.1, 2e-16 Translation Structural constituent of ribosome Ribosome
AC39GA2* Translation initiation factor EIF-2B epsilon, M. truncatula, XP_003618849.1, 3e-06 Translation Translation initiation factor activity Unknown
AC41GF1** 60S ribosomal protein L34, M. truncatula, XP_003621181.1, 6e-09, Translation Ribnucleoprotein Large subunit of ribosome
Transcription regulator    
AC 47G E1* SRCI, Glycine max, BAA19768.1, 0.096 Cold stress regulation Transcription Unknown
Carbohydrate metabolism    
A36-2* Beta-galactosidase, Arabidopsis thaliana, CAB64750.1, 4e-3 Carbohydrate metabolism, pollen development Beta-galactosidase activity Apoplast
A59-2* Glycerol kinase, Glycine max, NP_001237303.1, 1e-21 Glycerolipid metabolism Glycerol kinase activity Unknown
A102-2* Aconitate hydratase, M. truncatula, XP_003612247.1, 4e-24 Carbohydrate metabolism (converts citrate to isocitrate) Iron sulfur cluster binding Cytoplasm
AC44GA 2* Sucrose phosphorylase, Vibrio harveyi HY01, ZP 01985256.1, 0.64 Starch and sucrose metabolism Cation binding, sucrose phosphorylase activity Unknown
Pollen development    
A10* Peroxisomal ABC transporter, M. truncatula, XP_003601968.1, 1e-10 Transport (fatty acids), Pollen tube elongation, ovule fertilization, and seeds germination after imbibition ATP binding Glyoxisomal membrane
A60* Pectin methylesterase, M. truncatula, XP_003595372.1, 7e-17, Cell wall modification, tetrad separation, pollen tube growth Pectin methylesterase activity Membrane
A99-1* Microspore-specific promoter2, Arabidopsis thaliana, NP_5686669.1, 0.02 Pollen development Transcription Chloroplast
A101* Pectin esterase, M. truncatula, XP_003591164.1, 1e-06 Cell wall modification, pollen tube growth Pectin methylestera activity Cell wall
A104-2* SYP124 (SYNTAXIN OF PLANTS); SNAP receptor, M. truncatula, XP_003593444.1, 1e-3 Vesicular mediate transport, intracellular protein transport, pollen development SNAP receptor activity Membrane
AC52GD1* Protein WAX2, M. truncatula, XP_003606194.1, 5e-28 Pollen sperm cell differentiation Iron ion binding, fatty acid biosynthetic process Integral to membrane
A64-1** Early nodulin-like protein, M. truncatula, XP_003609073.1, 8e-04 Pollen development Copper ion binding Membrane
Signal transducer activity    
A67* Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase, M. truncatula, XP_003589476.1, 2e-3 Calcium-mediated Signal transduction, pollen development, recognition of pollen Protein serine/threonine kinase activity Membrane
A81* Protein kinase serine/threonine, A. thaliana, CAA16700.1, 1e-37 Signal transduction Protein serine/threonine kinase activity Nucleus
A97-2* Ralf-like 19 protein, , A. thaliana, NP_850219.1, 5e-25 Signal transduction Unknown Unknown
A120-2* Serine/threonine protein kinase, M. truncatula, XP_003618563.1, 2e-3 Signal transduction Protein serine/threonine kinase Activity Unknown
A140-2* (pollen development) Cyclin-dependent kinase CDC2C, M. truncatula, XP_003621316.1, 2e-36 Signal transduction, pollen tube growth Serine/threonine protein kinase Unknown
AN59CA2* Casein kinase, Ricinus communis, XP_002516524.1, 5e-17 Signaling transduction ATP binding Unknown
A126-1* Wound responsive protein, Phaseolus vulgaris, Q09020.1, 7e-07 Defense Unknown Unknown
A114** RRP1, Medicago truncatula, AB1511616.1, 0.1e-4 Defense, resistance to Peronospora parasitica Unknown Unknown
AC45GA3** ATPase subunit 8, Lotus japonicus, YP_005090498.1, 2e-71 Energy Hydrogen ion transmembrane transporter activity Mitochondria
Metabolic processes    
A98-2* Hydrolase, Zea mays, NP_001150070.1, 1e-6 Unknown Hydrolase activity Unknown
Cell division    
A71-1** Cell division cycle and apoptosis regulator protein, M. truncatula, XP_003613873.1, 5e-07 Cell division Unknown Unknown
  1. Homologies are as per BLASTX.
  2. *Up-regulated, **Down-regulated.