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Table 1 Details of genes within selected regions of difference (RD) for this study and comparison to RD in other studies

From: Investigating genome reduction of Bordetella pertussis using a multiplex PCR-based reverse line blot assay (mPCR/RLB)

Genes within RDs* Representative gene for this study Gene function King et al.(2010)[5] Brinig et al.(2006)[16] Heikkinen et al.(2007)[19] Caro et al.(2006)[3]
BP0024- BP0030   MaoC family protein RD1    
BP0393- BP0396   Hypothetical protein RD2    
BP0502- BP0511   Hypothetical protein RD3-RD4 RD1   
BP0513- BP0516 N/A     
BP0612- BP0644 N/A   RD6    
BP0593 N/A   RD7    
BP0712- BP0715 BP0711/BP0712 Putative phosopholipase RD9 RD2   
BP0910A- BP0934 BP0919 Putative succinate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase [NADP+] RD13 RD3 L1 RD-1
BP0930 Putative CoA ligase
BP1131-BP1141 BP1136 Heme uptake regulator RD15-RD16 RD4-RD5 L2 RD-2
BP1158-BP1176 BP1170 Putative exported protein RD17 RD6   RD-3
BP1225 N/A   RD19    
BP1553 BP1553 Putative exported protein RD24    
BP1638-BP1639 BP1638 Hypothetical protein RD25 RD7   
BP1663-BP1674/77 BP1664 Glutathione S-transferase RD27 RD8   
BP1669 Lactate dehydrogenase
BP1676-BP1677 N/A   RD28 RD9   
BP1698 N/A   RD30    
BP1948-BP1966 BP1948 Branched-chain amino acid-binding protein RD33 RD10 L3 RD-4
BP1954 Probable oxidoreductase
BP1962 Putative ferrisiderophore receptor
BP2088-BP2103 BP2102 lysR family transcriptional regulator RD35   L4  
BP2133-BP2134 N/A   RD37    
BP2136-BP2139 N/A   RD38-RD39    RD-5
BP2167-BP2180 BP2167 Putative integral membrane protein RD40    
BP2272-BP2274 BP2273 Putative periplasmic protein RD41 RD11   RD-6
BP2517-BP2518 BP2518 Sarcosine oxidase beta subunit RD43 RD12   
BP2519-BP2523 BP2522 FolD bifunctional protein RD44    
BP2627-BP2629 BP2627 Pseudogene RD45 RD13   RD-7
BP2670-BP2671 BP2671 Hypothetical protein RD46 RD14   
BP2822-BP2839 BP2825 GntR family transcriptional regulator RD48    
BP2883 N/A   -    RD-8
BP2921-BP2924 BP2921 Hypothetical protein RD50 RD15   
BP3104-BP3110/3 BP3107 Putative gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (exported protein) RD52-RD54 RD16-RD17   RD-9
BP3113 Pseudogene
BP3188-BP3202 N/A   RD55    
BP3314-BP3322 BP3319 Putative IclR-family transcriptional regulator RD56 RD18   RD-10
BP3322 Putative binding-protein-dependent transport protein
BP3352-BP3390 BP3384 Putative phage terminase RD57-RD59 RD19   
BP3477 N/A   RD60    
BP3840-BP3861 BP3842 Hypothetical protein RD63-RD64 RD20   
BP3853 Conserved hypothetical protein
  1. *Gene nomenclature in this column is based on the numbering of genes in Tohama I (NC_002929).
  2. N/A- RDs for which either primers or probes could not be selected for efficient mPCR/ RLB or which could not be amplified during mPCR and were subsequently left out of analysis.