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Table 1 Parameter values

From: A comparison of elasticities of viral levels to specific immune response mechanisms in human immunodeficiency virus infection

Parameter Description Value Source
β 1 Virus infectivity 0.000024 m l−1d−1 [13]
β 2 Cell-associated 100−1000× [14, 15, 17]
  Virus infectivity 0.000012 m l−1d−1  
h 1 Neutralizing efficiency 0.001 m l−1d−1 Est.
h 2 CTLs killing efficiency 0.01 m l−1d−1 Est.
h Cytokine killing efficiency 0.0011 m l−1d−1 Est.
μ T Death rate of CD4 + T cells 0.02 d−1 [18]
ω Saturation constant 0.01 m l−1 Est.
S T Source term for CD 4+ T cells 10 cells d−1 Est.
μ C CTL death rate 0.5 d−1 Est.
μ T Infected cell death rate 0.5 to 1 d−1 [18]
μ B B cell death rate 0.5 d−1 Est.
θ 1 Transition probability 1/3 [19]
θ 2 Transition Probability 0.06315 Computed
θ 3 Transition Probability 0.43685 Computed
ϕ Viral production/cycle/provirus 1000 Est.
ψ Probability of proliferation of CTLs 0.01 Est.
χ Probability of proliferation of B cells 0.01 Est.
a 1 Saturating constant 0.002 m l−1 Est.
a 2 Saturating constant 0.002 m l−1 Est.
  1. Parameters values that were not obtained from literature were chosen to be in the ranges 0 to 1. Est. means parameters were estimated/derived to simulate acceptable HIV dynamics. The infectivity of the cell associated virus is 102 to 103 times greater than the infectivity of free virus stocks [14], so we multiplied the infectivity of the free virus by values in the ranges 102 to 103 to get the infectivity of the cell associated virus.