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Figure 3

From: Risky monetary behavior in chronic back pain is associated with altered modular connectivity of the nucleus accumbens

Figure 3

Brain modular connectivity in CBP matches that observed in high impulsivity. a) Mutual information between whole-brain modular structure of each participant and those previously described (“Davis templates”, [29]) for healthy individuals with high, intermediate, and low-impulsive behavior. Although mutual information between CON and CBP participants was not significantly different, CBP expressed a more similar modular structure to highly impulsive individuals. Bars indicate group mean, error bars are standard error. b) The percentage of participants that integrated each region with their NAc module (established from the union of NAc modules for all Davis templates) is shown. Colors toward the red end of the spectrum indicate a greater percentage of CBPs included a specific region in their NAc module, whereas those toward the blue end indicate a greater percentage of CONs; white indicates that a region was not part of that specific template. For regions that were part of the NAc module in the high impulsivity template, there was a greater percentage of CBPs with the same regions in their NAc modules, whereas a higher percentage of CONs integrated the intermediate regions into their NAc. The bar plot shows the number of subjects whose NAc module overlaps the most with each Davis NAc module, illustrating the same results as the color plot. c) Using modules delineated by the intermediate-impulsivity template, the correlation matrix indicates the Pearson correlation of gain sensitivity to the mean connectivity across modules. The most extreme correlations, outlined in black, are those that take the NAc module connectivity into account. Asterisks are significant (p < 0.05), and correspond to the plots shown in D. d) Scatter plots of the significant correlations from C are shown. Only gain sensitivity and connectivity of the NAc module to itself and to module 4 were significantly correlated (p < 0.05).

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