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Figure 2

From: Expression and purification of the antimicrobial peptide GSL1 in bacteria for raising antibodies

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE and western blot analysis of N-terminally tagged his 6 -thioredoxin GSL1 peptide expressed in E. coli. A. SDS-PAGE analysis of the induced expression of his6-thioredoxin-GSL1 (Lanes 2–4 are 0, 2 and 4 hours) , and his6-thioredoxin tag only (Lanes 5-7 are 0, 2 and 4 hours). The expected size for his6-thioredoxin alone was approximately 23 kDA, and 30 kDa for N-terminally tagged his6-thioredoxin GSL1. Lane 1 contains molecular weight standards. An arrow indicates each expressed protein band. B. Western blot analysis of the same fractions using an anti-thioredoxin antibody.

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