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Figure 3

From: The defect of SFRP2 modulates an influx of extracellular calcium in B lymphocytes

Figure 3

ER abundance of splenic B cell. (A) The representative results of ER abundance in splenic B cells gated with anti-B220 are displayed by using FlowJo. Upper (blue) and lower (red) plots are represented as the percentages of the max of the ER-Tracker signals in splenic B cell of Sfrp2+/+ and Sfrp2-/-, respectively. The filled areas indicate ER-Tracker stained B cells and the line areas indicate the intensity of non-stained samples. (B) The histograms indicate the means and SD of the 4 littermate pairs for the percentage of ER-Tracker positive cells. No statistical significant difference in ER abundance between Sfrp2+/+ and Sfrp2-/- splenic B cells was observed by Student’s t-tests.

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