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Table 1 Major mutant phenotypes recovered by visual screening of the TILLING population at the seedling stage

From: Development and evaluation of a cucumber TILLING population

Phenotype No. of families displaying phenotype Description Representative family
Seedling lethality 19 Seedling dies, or fails to develop a root after germination 144, 157
Dwarf 10 Cotyledons smaller, short hypocotyl 422
Necrotic lesions 15 Spontaneous necrotic spots appear on cotyledons 38
Albino 3 White cotyledons 164
Yellow leaf 7 True leaves pale-green or yellow, or mosaic green and yellow 218
Tall seedlings 5 Hypocotyl >2 cm taller than wild type 180
Glabrous 1 Cotyledons lack trichomes 16
Non-serrated leaf 3 Leaf edge appears smooth 189
Dark, narrow cotyledon 1 Dark green, narrow cotyledons 411
Fused cotyledons 1 Cotyledons fused together 714
Small leaf 7 True leaf very small 17
Distorted leaf/cotyledon 5 Irregular organ shape 160, 213
Total mutants/ families screened 77/768   
  1. Six seedlings per M2 family were sown in trays and inspected at the cotyledon-first true leaf stage. The number of families and examples of specific families that segregate for a given phenotype-class are indicated. About 10% of the families exhibited morphological alterations at the seedling stage.