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Figure 6

From: Kinase domain-targeted isolation of defense-related receptor-like kinases (RLK/Pelle) in Platanus × acerifolia: phylogenetic and structural analysis

Figure 6

Functional consensus derived from Pto and BRI1 activation segments inferred from structure/function studies of other authors. These consensus motifs are compared with counterparts found in the activation segment of RLK/Pelle subfamilies of Arabidopsis and Pac separately. A consensus motif is also reported for each subfamily, which includes both species and only the most frequent residues of the Pto and BRI1 functional consensus (recurring). ERECTA, FLS2 and BAK1 are also included for comparison. Black-shaded residues define the Pto functional consensus and identities with the other RLK/Pelles. BRI1 consensus residues shared with Pto consensus motif, are shaded black. One residue was found to be exclusive of BRI1 and is shaded grey. In Arabidopsis and Pac RLK/Pelle subfamilies, residues that do not fall within the consensus positions are not reported (X). The consensus motifs were derived from alignments presented in Additional files 16, 17 and 18, and manually refined.

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