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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the three reported cases of meningitis without prior history of CSF rhinorrhea with untreated pituitary macroadenomas

From: Acute aseptic meningitis as the initial presentation of a macroprolactinoma

Authors Utsuki, 2004 Honegger, 2009 Robert, 2010
Sex Male Male Female
Age 69 years old 64 years old 32 years old
Hormonal secretion Prolactin Prolactin Non-functioning
CSF culture S. pneumoniae Negative S. pneumoniae
Blood cultures Not reported S. pneumoniae Not reported
CSF fistula on neuroimaging None Yes Yes
Surgery Transsphenoidal debulking Transsphenoidal debulking and leak repair Decompressive craniotomy
Outcome Favorable Favorable Death