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Table 2 Targets, primer sequences and final concentrations for each of the species-specific quintuplex HRM assays

From: Development and assessment of multiplex high resolution melting assay as a tool for rapid single-tube identification of five Brucella species

Brucella species Forward primer sequence Reverse primer sequence Final concentration of primer pair in quintuplex reaction (μM) Product size (bp) Gene target (based on B. abortus 9-941)
B. abortus 5′-GCCCCTCCTTCTTGTAATCA-3′ 5′-ACCATGAAGAAAGCGCGTAT-3′ 1.25 μM 75 BruAb1_0395Hypothetical protein
B. melitensis 5′-ACAAGCTGACGAAGGACCAT-3′ 5′-CCCGTATAGGAGTGGATCGT- 3′ 0.5 μM 135 BruAb1_1713 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
B. ovis 5′-CCGGTCAAGTTCAATCACG-3′ 5′-GCTGGAAATGCTCTATTACTC-3′ 1 μM 66 BruAb1_1179 Hypothetical protein
B. suis 5′-CTGGCGGAAAAGGATTTGAT-3′ 5′-AATCACGACAAACCACAGCA-3′ 1.125 μM 89 BruAb1_1338 Sugar ABC transporter, permeaseprotein
B. canis 5′-CCCCCGTCAATTCCTGCCGAA-3′ 5′-CCCCCGTGGCCTGGTCGAGAT-3′ 0.25 μM 79 BruAb2_1115 Transcriptional regulator (GntR Family)