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Table 4 A list of non- Brucella Brucellaceae used to determine the specificity of three published Brucella spp assays

From: Development and assessment of multiplex high resolution melting assay as a tool for rapid single-tube identification of five Brucella species

Name Strain number
Ochrobactrum anthropi LMG 3331
Ochrobactrum ciceri DSM 22292
Ochrobactrum cytisi DSM 19778
Ochrobactrum daejeonense JCM 16234
Ochrobactrum gallinifaecis DSM 15295
Ochrobactrum grignonense LMG 18954
Ochrobactrum haematophilum CIP 109452
Ochrobactrum intermedium LMG 3301
Ochrobactrum lupini DSM 16930
Ochrobactrum oryzae DSM 17471
Ochrobactrum pecoris CCUG 60088
Ochrobactrum pituitosum DSM 22207
Ochrobactrum pseudogrignonense CIP 109451
Ochrobactrum pseudintermedium DSM 17490
Ochrobactrum rhizosphaerae DSM 19824
Ochrobactrum thiophenivorans DSM 7216
Ochrobactrum tritici LMG18957
Paenochrobactrum gallinarii CCUG 57736
Paenochrobactrum glaciei JCM 15115
Pseudochrobactrum asaccharolyticum CCUG 46016
Pseudochrobactrum kiredijianiae DSM 19762
Pseudochrobactrum lubricatis CCUG 56963
Pseudochrobactrum saccharolyticum CCUG 33852