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Table 2 Predicted ligand binding site in residues

From: Prediction of CTL epitope, in silico modeling and functional analysis of cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) protein of Campylobacter jejuni

Site no Residues     
Header binding site 1 ILE_9^118^ LEU_9^126^ TRP_9^154^ ILE_9^166^ LEU_9^175^
ILE_9^208^ LEU_9^116^ TRP_9^196^ LEU_9^198^ LEU_9^158^
ALA_9^164^ MET_9^165^ LYS_9^197^ VAL_9^206^ LEU_9^251^
ILE_9^217^ LEU_9^156^ THR_9^252^ ASN_9^210^ LYS_9^215^
ILE_9^234^ CYS_9^216^ ASN_9^213^ LYS_9^209^ ILE_9^182^
PHE_9^163^ ASP_9^162^ ASN_9^161^ TYR_9^159^ PRO_9^160^
Header binding site 2 LEU_9^116^ THR_9^117^ THR_9^252^ THR_9^253^ PRO_9^254^
PRO_9^255^ ALA_9^125^ LEU_9^142^ ARG_9^152^ LEU_9^119^
GLY_9^123^ PHE_9^256^ LYS_9^146^ THR_9^257^  
Header binding site 3 TRP_9^136^ TRP_9^138^ VAL_9^231^ PHE_9^232^ ASN_9^180^
GLY_9^181^ LYS_9^233^ GLY_9^179^ ILE_9^182^ ILE_9^137^