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Table 1 Significantly enriched pathways of differentially expressed unigenes

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis of the Asteraceae halophyte Karelinia caspica under salt stress

Pathway category Unigenes No % Qvalue
Plant hormone signal transduction 172 4.28 1.59E-14
MAPK signaling pathway 68 1.69 1.45E-19
Calcium signaling pathway 32 0.80 1.29E-14
Nitrogen metabolism 29 0.72 2.61E-14
Circadian rhythm 20 0.50 2.61E-14
Steroid hormone biosynthesis 11 0.27 8.92E-12
  1. Unigenes No. and % indicate the number and the percentage of unigenes in each pathway from 4023 differentially expressed unigenes mapped to KEGG respectively.