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Table 3 Clinicians views on general factors hindering autopsy services in the Teaching Hospital

From: Through the lens of the clinician: autopsy services and utilization in a large teaching hospital in Ghana

Main Barrier to autopsy request Frequency Percentage
Reluctance of family to give consent 100 84.0
Cultural and religious objections (Muslims and traditional royal persons) 89 74.8
Delay in feedback from the pathological service 54 45.4
Increased cost to family 53 44.5
Difficulty following up 40 33.6
Age at death 29 24.4
Lack of feedback from the pathological service 28 23.5
Increased duration of stay of body in morgue 19 16.0
Busy clinical service 11 9.2
Limited ability to use autopsy information to improve care 10 8.4
Lack of knowledge/circumstance under which autopsy is permitted 6 5.0
Unintended consequences 4 3.4
Others (Fears of being sued if diagnosis was missed, Request form too complicated, Missing folders/health records) 8 6.7
Total 119 100.0