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Table 1 Themes and sub-themes for GPs

From: How do physicians and trainers experience outcome-based education in “Rational prescribing”?

Theme Sub-themes
1. Value of the programme - Value for learning
- Relevance to future practice
- Benefits of peer education
2. Robust content and process features of the programme - Relevancy of the content
- New learning approaches
- Provision of useful booklets
- Opportunity for self-assessment
3. Higher motivation for continued learning - Motivation to read and continue education
- Trainers’ motivating role
4. Positive impact of the programme - Positive behaviour changes
- Improvement of quality of prescribing
- Need to change attitude towards prescribing
- Willing to engage in patient education
5. Barriers for application - Irrational performance of other health professionals
- Illogical requests of patients and risk of losing clients
- Lack of time