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Figure 2

From: Gateway-compatible tissue-specific vectors for plant transformation

Figure 2

Tissue-specificity of pUBQ10:YFP-GW, pCAB1:YFP-GW, pADH1:YFP-GW, pWOL:YFP-GW, pSCR:YFP-GW, pEXP7:YFP-GW, pCOBL1:YFP-GW, and pLBD16:YFP-GW. (A) YFP signal is detected in all examined tissues of seedlings carrying the pUBQ10:YFP-GW vector by epi-fluorescence microscopy. Epi-fluorescence microscopy reveals shoot and root YFP signal in seedlings carrying (B) pCAB1:YFP-GW and (C) pADH1:YFP-GW, respectively. (D) YFP signal is detected in the vascular bundle and pericycle of seedlings carrying the pWOL:YFP-GW vector by epi-fluorescence microscopy. Confocal microscopy reveals YFP signal in (E) root endodermis of seedlings carrying the pSCR:YFP-GW vector, (F) root hairs of seedlings carrying pExp7:YFP-GW, (G) lateral root primordia of seedlings carrying pCOBL1:YFP-GW, and (H) lateral root primordia of seedlings carrying pLBD16:YFP-GW.

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