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Table 1 Presumptive promoter regions used in vector set

From: Gateway-compatible tissue-specific vectors for plant transformation

Name Gene Region used in construct Expected tissue expression References
ADH1 At1g77120 −1092 to -1 root, anoxic tissues [25,26]
CAB1 At1g29930 −2148 to -1 shoot, photosynthetic tissues [15,16]
COBL1 At3g02210 −730 to -5 lateral root primordia, columella, leaf vascular tissue and hydathodes [33]
EXP7 At1g12360 −1866 to -1 root trichoblast [34]
LBD16 At2g42430 −1309 to +1 lateral root primordia [35-37]
SCR At3g54220 −2162 to +1 root endodermis, endodermis initials, quiescent center, shoot apical meristem L1 layer, shoot endodermis, shoot tissue surrounding vascular bundles [30-32]
UBQ10 At4g05320 −1612 to -28 throughout the plant [14]
WOL At2g01830 −2085 to +1 root vascular cylinder and pericycle [38,39]