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Figure 1

From: Evidence of more ion channels inhibited by celecoxib: KV1.3 and L-type Ca2+ channels

Figure 1

Inhibition of K V 1.3 channels expressed in CHO cells and LTCCs in guinea pig ventricular myocytes by celecoxib. (A) Representative examples of KV1.3 currents evoked by 200 ms pulses to +20 mV from a holding potential (HP) of -80 mV in control and after application of different concentrations of celecoxib (see legend in the panel B); responses of the same cell are shown. (B) Inhibition of LTCCs in guinea pig ventricular myocytes. Currents were evoked from a HP of -40 mV with a voltage pulse to 0 mV; representative examples of current traces from the same cell are shown; 1.8 mM Ca2+ was used as a charge carrier. (C) Concentration-dependences for inhibition by celecoxib of KV1.3 current at the end of 200 ms pulse (n=6) as well as peak LTCC current (n=5); data points were fitted with Hill equation.

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