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Figure 2

From: Evidence of more ion channels inhibited by celecoxib: KV1.3 and L-type Ca2+ channels

Figure 2

Inhibition of L-type Ca 2+ channels in Drosophila larval body-wall muscles by celecoxibc. (A) Average LTCC currents in control evoked by 500 ms pulses to 0 mV from a HP of -40 mV using 10 mM Ba2+ as charge carrier. (B) Average LTCC current in the presence of 100 μM celecoxib. (C) Effects of 100 μM celecoxib on voltage-dependence of LTCC activation; the dark gray scaled up trace illustrates the depolarizing shift of activation curve in the presence of 100 μM celecoxib. (D) Voltage-and time-dependence of inhibition; traces were obtained by dividing the average current traces in the presence of 100 μM celecoxib (panel B) by the average traces in control (panel A); first 5 ms were skipped. (E) Concentration-dependence for peak LTCC current inhibition by celecoxib at 0 mV; number of experiments for each concentration varied from 3 to 7.

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