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Figure 2

From: Compensatory growth in novel Drosophila Akt1 mutants

Figure 2

Novel Akt1 mutants are developmentally delayed. Data of developmental delay experiment was plotted as percent eclosed versus day as a line graph. This method allows the peaks of each line to clearly represent the day of which most adult flies eclosed for each genotype. Nā€‰=ā€‰85 (Akt1 +), 48 (Akt1 04226), 40 (Akt1 52), 53 (Akt1 57) and 47 (Akt1 87). A) Heterozygotes eclose by day ten along with the control. B) The homozygous mutants are delayed in growth and do not eclose until two to four days later than the controls.

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