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Figure 4

From: Compensatory growth in novel Drosophila Akt1 mutants

Figure 4

Double Akt1/foxo mutants demonstrate an epistatic effect upon growth. A. Scanning electron micrographs of Drosophila eyes bearing hypomorphic alleles of Akt1 and null mutations of the foxo gene indicates that the double mutants more closely resemble the phenotype of the null foxo mutation. Representative images of genotypes 3, 4 and 5 can be found in Figure 3. Scale bar = 100 um. Biometric analysis quantifies this similarity in terms of ommatidia number (B) and size (C). N values can be found in Table 2. Green bars represent the controls, purple bars represent the novel Akt1 mutants and the null foxo mutant, blue bars represent the double mutant homozygotes. In analysis of both the ommatidia size and number, the double mutants have a larger number of smaller ommatidia in comparison to the original Akt1 mutants, but are comparable in both size and number to the null foxo mutant. Error bars represent standard error of the mean (p = <0.05). Further statistical analysis can be found in Table 2.

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