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Table 5 Associations between property-based subgroups

From: A property-based analysis of human transcription factors

Property pair   P-value Benjamini Corr.
Phosphorylation Acetylation 1.84E-10 5.15E-09 0.190
Phosphorylation Ubiquitination 1.94E-10 2.72E-09 0.190
DNA_Binding Methylation 2.08E-10 1.94E-09 −0.156
Phosphorylation Methylation 2.42E-10 1.70E-09 0.127
Methylation Acetylation 2.78E-10 1.56E-09 0.202
Ubiquitination Methylation 2.85E-10 1.33E-09 0.204
DNA_Binding Ubiquitination 3.16E-10 1.26E-09 −0.280
Ubiquitination Acetylation 3.39E-10 1.19E-09 0.289
Acetylation Sumoylation 5.99E-09 1.86E-08 0.131
Ubiquitination Sumoylation 4.03E-08 1.13E-07 0.124
DNA_Binding Acetylation 6.30E-08 1.60E-07 −0.122
Methylation O-GlcNAc 1.24E-05 2.90E-05 0.110
Phosphorylation Sumoylation 1.51E-05 3.24E-05 0.086
Acetylation O-GlcNAc 3.45E-04 6.91E-04 0.083
Ubiquitination O-GlcNAc 3.82E-03 7.13E-03 0.067
PPI Sumoylation 1.23E-02 2.16E-02 0.072
Methylation Sumoylation 1.49E-02 2.46E-02 0.056
Phosphorylation O-GlcNAc 2.85E-02 4.43E-02 0.046
DNA_Binding PPI 3.43E-01 4.37E-01 −0.027