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Figure 4

From: miREC: a database of miRNAs involved in the development of endometrial cancer

Figure 4

Comparison of verified target gene sets for pairs of clustered miRNAs versus pairs of distant miRNAs. The two miRNAs hsa-mir-200a and hsa-mir-429 are located <10,000 bp from each other on chromosome 1 and thus belong to the same cluster. Two other miRNAs, hsa-mir-9-1 and hsa-mir-205, are not within the distance limit and thus considered distant. While hsa-mir-200a (with 11 targets) and hsa-mir-429 (with 10 targets) have seven targets in common, the distant pair hsa-mir-9-1 and hsa-mir-205 (with seven targets each) do not have any target genes in common.

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