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Table 2 List of SNPs showing differential expression changes based on the SNP groupings

From: Identification of regulatory SNPs associated with genetic modifications in lung adenocarcinoma

Genetic modification Gene symbol SNP Concordance a
Copy number variations    
Amplification KDM5B rs3088324 +
  SSBP2 rs4703852 +
  SMYD3 rs4654180 +
  TRPC7 rs4976373/rs7727634 -
  SEMA6A rs11951689 +
Deletion RNF217 rs11966226cu +
  PCDH8 rs9596724 -
  NAMPT rs41799 -
Methylation alterations    
Hypermethylation MAGI2 rs17150656 +
  MYOM2 rs6558659/rs2405327 -
  FGF12 rs9881554 -
Hypomethylation --- --- ---
  1. aConcordant (+) or discordant (−) changes in gene expression and genetic modification.