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Table 2 Stressors associated with level of occupational stress (Stress VAS score): results of stepwise multiple regression analysis (final model)

From: Mental health of Japanese psychiatrists: the relationship among level of occupational stress, satisfaction and depressive symptoms

  beta t p
Stressors (general)    
 Job demand factor    
  Work overload 0.24 3.38 0.001
 Job control factor    
  Ability to work at one’s discretion −0.26 −3.52 0.001
  Ability to reflect on one’s opinions −0.20 −2.65 0.009
 Collegial support factor    
  Ability to rely on colleagues −0.18 −2.48 0.014
Total R2 0.30   
Adjusted R2 0.28   
  1. VAS: Visual Analogue Scale.