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Table 3 Satisfiers associated with level of occupational satisfaction (Satisfaction VAS score): Results of stepwise multiple regression analysis (final model)

From: Mental health of Japanese psychiatrists: the relationship among level of occupational stress, satisfaction and depressive symptoms

  beta t p
Stressors (general)    
 Job control factor    
  Ability to work at one’s discretion 0.31 4.24 <0.001
 Supervisory support factor    
  Ease of communication with a supervisor 0.17 2.08 0.04
 Collegial support factor    
  Ease of communication with colleagues 0.17 2.05 0.04
 Interest towards work contents 0.25 3.36 0.001
 Opportunity for growth and career development 0.15 2.16 0.03
Total R2 0.36   
Adjusted R2 0.34   
  1. VAS: Visual Analogue Scale.