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Table 2 HIV status disclosure and timing of the respondents among antiretroviral treatment clinic attendant at Mekelle Hospital, Tigray, Ethiopia

From: Disclosure of HIV seropositive status to sexual partners and its associated factors among patients attending antiretroviral treatment clinic follow up at Mekelle Hospital, Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Disclosure status Yes% (number) No% (number)
Disclosure to none 23.8(77) 76.2(247)
Disclosure to sexual partner 57.4(186) 42.6(138)
Disclosure to children 15.7(51) 84.3(273)
Disclosure to parents 8.6(28) 91.4(296)
Disclose within one month 29%(50)  
Disclose between 1–6 month 15.6%(27)  
Disclose after 6 months 13.4%(23)