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Table 2 Characteristics, number of interviews and number of telephone calls for participants in group 2 (flexible interval group)

From: Methodological developments in qualitative longitudinal research: the advantages and challenges of regular telephone contact with participants in a qualitative longitudinal interview study

Participant pseudonym Age at recruitment (years) Diagnosis (primary/metastatic) Months from diagnosis of metastatic disease to recruitment Interviews conducted time point, BER = bereavement Number of telephone calls Status at study end
Fred 73 Colon/lung and liver metastases 13 T1 5 Deceased
Gordon 65 Colon/liver metastases 6 T1, T2, T3 6 Surviving
Deirdre 66 Colon/cervical and vaginal metastases 5 T1, T2 7 Deceased
Harry 76 Colon/liver metastases 12 T1, T2, T3BER 7 Deceased
Eve 62 Colon/lung and liver metastases 6 T1, T2 2 Deceased
Ian 65 Colon/liver metastases 2 T1, T2, T3 9 Surviving
John 62 Colon/liver metastases 11 T1, T2, T3BER 5 Deceased
Faye 55 Colon/lung and liver metastases 9 T1, T2, T3 5 Surviving