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Table 1 Distribution of key indicators of the availability of cold chain per type of health facility

From: Vaccine storage and cold chain monitoring in the North West region of Cameroon: a cross sectional study

Indicator Type of HF
  Total (%) Private (%) Public (%)
Health facility with at least one fridge in a working condition 53(81.5) 12(70.6) 41(85.4)
Number of functional fridges with a working thermometer 52(98.1) 11(91.7) 39(95.1)
Refrigerator with contingency plan pasted on the fridge 11(21.2) 4(33.3) 7(17.5)
Number of health facilities with a vaccine stock register 32(61.5) 7(41.2) 25(62.5)
Presence of the national guidelines on immunization 41(66.1) 11(64.7) 30(63.8)
Presence of electricity 53(81.5) 14(95.9) 39(84.8)