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Table 3 Distribution of the key indicators of knowledge of health personnel on cold chain monitoring

From: Vaccine storage and cold chain monitoring in the North West region of Cameroon: a cross sectional study

Indicator Frequency (%)
  Trained Not trained
Fridge should be turned on at least 24 hrs after its arrival 18(50.0) 18(64.3)
Vaccine should be kept in the fridge 6 to 8 hours after turning it on 28(77.8) 18(64.3)
Correctly know the open vial policy as applied to TT 22(61.1) 16(57.1)
OPV can be frozen and is not damage 24(66.7) 13(48.1)
OPV can still be used two days after the vial is opened 34(94.4) 22(81.5)
Vaccines are stored in the health facilities at a temperature between +2°C to +8°C 428(77.8) 15(62.1)
Vaccines are stored in the District Health Services at a temperature between +2°C to +8°C 22(66.4) 9(42.9)
Vaccines should be store in the HF only for a maximum of 1 month 13(41.9) 6(30.0)