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Table 1 A sample Protein-Protein interaction network constructed in this study

From: A molecular systems approach to modelling human skin pigmentation: identifying underlying pathways and critical components

Node A Node B Interaction type A- > B
UVA Lipid_Peroxidation_kerat induces
Lipid_Peroxidation_kerat 4HNE_kerat increases level
4HNE_kerat DNA_Damage_kerat induces
DNA_Damage_kerat TP53_kerat activates
TP53_kerat ACTH_kerat increases expression
TP53_kerat alpha_MSH_kerat increases expression
ACTH_kerat MC1R_melan activates
alpha_MSH_kerat MC1R_melan activates
MC1R_melan ADCY4_melan activates
ADCY4_melan cAMP_melan increases level
CREB1_melan PTGS2_melan increases expression
PGE2_kerat PTGER3_melan activates
PGE2_kerat PTGER1_melan activates
PTGER3_melan PLC_melan activates
PTGER1_melan PLC_melan activates
PLC_melan DAG_melan increases level
DAG_melan PRKCB_melan activates
PTGS2_melan PGE2_melan Increases level
PRKCB_melan TYR_melan activates
TYR_melan Eumelanin_melan Increases level
  1. The complete network can be found in Additional file 1.