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Figure 2

From: Successful salvage treatment of myxoid liposarcoma with multiple peritoneal seeding using helical tomotherapy-based intraperitoneal radiotherapy: a case report

Figure 2

Transverse (a-1, b-1, and c-1) and coronal (a-2, b-2, and c-2 ) computed tomography, macroscopic (a-3, b-3, and c-3 ), and microscopic images (40X: d, i, and n, 200X: e, j, and o) of metastatic myxoid liposarcoma. (a-1a-5) Images from December 2006, when the patient underwent a left pneumonectomy for myxoid liposarcoma metastasizing to the left lung. (b-1b-5) Images from August 2009, when the patient underwent segmental resection for a peritoneal metastatic myxoid liposarcoma, involving the mesentery and subserosa of the jejunum. (c-1c-5) Ever since then, the patient was treated by one additional segmental resection for a recurred peritoneal metastatic myxoid liposarcoma in February 2012.

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