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Figure 5

From: Successful salvage treatment of myxoid liposarcoma with multiple peritoneal seeding using helical tomotherapy-based intraperitoneal radiotherapy: a case report

Figure 5

Transverse images of a contrast-enhanced abdominal computed tomography scan showing a regression of the peritoneal metastases. (a) An abdominal computed tomography scan from September 2013, showed multifocal metastatic peritoneal nodules (numbered from ‘1’ to ‘8’) before intraperitoneal radiotherapy. (b) Surveillance by computed tomography scan, obtained in December 2013 after completion of radiotherapy, showed a complete response of five nodules (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8) and a partial response of three nodules (1, 3, and 4). (c) A computed tomography scan, obtained in March 2014 after completion of radiotherapy, showed that most of the metastatic peritoneal lesions had disappeared, except two small nodules that had decreased in size by about 0.8–1 cm (3 and 4). The asterisk (*) indicates a simple benign cyst.

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