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Table 1 FNLHP logic model

From: A community-based participatory research methodology to address, redress, and reassess disparities in respiratory health among First Nations

Issue Assess Address Redress Reassess
(Identified problems) (Baseline) (Community-level) (Policy-level) (Outcome measures)
1. Housing -Environmental measures - House keeping -Household mold remediation -Reduction in wheezing in children
- dampness, mold, endotoxin -Asthma in children - Managing asthma - Housing policy - Reduction in smoking in houses with children
-Environmental tobacco smoke -“Outdoor living room” (not smoking)
- Wood/oil heating
2. Smoking -Symptoms - “Breath of Fresh Air Campaign” - Support for culturally appropriate smoking cessation - Reduction in smoking in graduating grade 12
-COPD - Management of COPD - Improvement in lung function
-Lung function
3. Infections -Bronchitis - Immunization - Housing policy (crowding) - Reduction in flu cases and respiratory infections
- Over crowding - Flu vaccine
- Prompt treatment
4. Body weight -Sleep Apnea - Identify cases - Access to healthy/nutritive food -All diagnosed cases of sleep apnea treated
- Community sports - Equipment for treating sleep apnea - Reduction in average weight
- Combined initiative with diabetes programs