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Fig. 2

From: Enhancement of experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis by Leishmania extract: identification of a disease-associated antibody specificity

Fig. 2

Reactivity against L. amazonensis antigens, as assessed by Western blot, of IgG1 antibodies in the sera of BALB/c mice that had been injected with L. amazonensis extract and infected with L. braziliensis. The sera were from blood samples collected five weeks after infection. The infected mice were treated with saline (Saline; lanes 2 to 6), L. amazonensis extract supplemented with protease inhibitors (LaE + PI, lanes 7 to 11) or unsupplemented L. amazonensis extract (LaE, lanes 12 to 16), as detailed in the Materials and Methods. The result obtained with the serum of a naïve mouse is shown in lane 1. The positions of molecular weight markers are shown on the left of the figure

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