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Table 1 Overview of the point algorithm for website utilization

From: Feasibility, acceptability, and characteristics associated with adherence and completion of a culturally relevant internet-enhanced physical activity pilot intervention for overweight and obese young adult African American women enrolled in college

Website activity Assigned point value
Submitting workout on the activity tracker 10
Updating personal weight 10
Updating body measurements (waist, hips, thigh, etc.) 2
Updating personal profile status 5
Uploading a profile picture 50
Requesting to be friends with another user 1
Posting on another user’s wall 2
Commenting on another user’s wall post 1
Joining a group 2
Posting on a group’s wall 2
Posting on a challenge’s wall 2
Replying to a message board thread 2
Having other users reply to message board thread you created 2
Setting-up a personal blog 10
Commenting on an exercise, workout plan or diet plan 2