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Figure 1

From: Optimizing a PCR protocol for cpn60-based microbiome profiling of samples variously contaminated with host genomic DNA

Figure 1

cpn60 PCR products from each sampling site at each PCR annealing temperature tested visualized on a 1% agarose gel. An equal volume of PCR product (5 µl) from each sampling site (brain, nasal, stomach, colon, feces, and soil) and each PCR annealing temperature gradient point tested (42, 48, 54 and 60°C) were visualized next to a ladder to determine amplification efficiency. Major bands on the DNA ladder indicate 500, 1,000 and 3,000 bp, while the cpn60 UT product is ~650 bp. NTC no template control, +ctrl positive control sample (genomic DNA from Helicobacter canis).

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