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Table 2 Top ten ‘high/very high’ unmet needs reported by haematological cancer survivors

From: What do haematological cancer survivors want help with? A cross-sectional investigation of unmet supportive care needs

Rank Unmet need N (%) (n = 715) SUNS domain
1 Dealing with feeling tired 116 (17%) Emotional Health
2 Coping with having a bad memory or lack of focus 99 (14%) Emotional Health
3 Dealing with feeling worried (anxious) 94 (13%) Emotional Health
4 Dealing with changes in my physical ability 93 (13%) Emotional Health
4 Finding someone to talk to who understands and has been through a similar experience 93 (13%) Relationships
6 Dealing with people who expect me to be “back to normal” 87 (12%) Relationships
7 Dealing with feeling stressed 86 (12%) Emotional Health
7 Dealing with not feeling able to set future goals or make long-term plans 86 (12%) Emotional Health
9 Finding car parking that I can afford at the hospital or clinic 83 (12%) Financial Concerns
9 Dealing with being told I had cancer 83 (12%) Emotional Health
  1. NB: observations with missing data ranged from 2.1 to 5.3% across the 89 unmet needs items.