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Table 2 Sites of amino acid differences in L and M sequences of DHL10M107, VN04-2108 and SC0806

From: Isolation and full-length genome analysis of mosquito-borne Manzanilla virus from Yunnan Province, China

Genome segment and strain Sites of amino acid
Large 150 274 289 435 456 467 484 487 922 1,202 1,634 1,660 2,055
 DHL10M107 H E N D T C N T K T E G V
 VN04-2108 H E N D N R S T N T D E V
 SC0806 Q G E E T R S G K V D E A
Medium 20 349 370 395 714 725 1,139 1,222      
 DHL10M107 T D T Y S N T A      
 VN04-2108 A D T H S S T T      
 SC0806 T E I H P N A A      
  1. H histidine, E glutamate, N asparagine, D aspartate, Q glutamine, G glycine, T threonine, C cysteine, R arginine, S serine, K lysine, V valine, A alanine, I isoleucine, Y tyrosine, P proline.