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Table 3 Summary of the decision criteria (i.e. structural features and practical considerations) considered within each decision framework

From: Systematic narrative review of decision frameworks to select the appropriate modelling approaches for health economic evaluations

References Type of framework Framework elements
Structural features Practical considerations
Population resolution First order uncertainty Interactivity Resource constraints Dimension of Time Other Time End-user requirement Simplicity Validity Other
(a) Generic decision frameworks
 Heeg [7] Radar graph X X   X X Memory X    X Experience
 Stahl [13] Flow diagram X   X X X Agent autonomy
Spatial consideration
 Chick [11] Table X X    X Expected value      
 Cooper [12] Flow diagram    Xa Xa   Modelled duration
Aggregation of cohortb
X X X X Model error
 Brennan [10] Table X X Xa Xa X Expected value      
 Barton [9] Flow diagram X   Xa Xa      X X  
(b) Decision frameworks specific to infectious disease modelling
 Jit and Brisson [6] Flow diagram    X         
 Kim [8] Table X X X         
  1. aInteraction, as defined in this framework, includes both interaction between individuals or constraints in resources that affect individuals.
  2. bAggregation of cohort refers to whether a single or multiple cohort of patients are modelled. It is commonly referred to whether the population is open (i.e. new individuals can enter model) or closed (i.e. no new additions are made in the model).