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Figure 1

From: The association of copy number variation and percent mammographic density

Figure 1

Candidate CNVs and SNP associations with PD in the Mayo Breast Cancer Family Study (MBCFS) for a 3q26.1 [2 regions], b 8q24.22, c 11p15.3 and d 17q22. For identifying candidate CNVs that are associated with PD, we performed probe-specific tests and subsequently performed segmentation on the test-statistics. P values were computed from permutation tests and were based on how many times the observed test-statistic, exceeded the permutation test statistics (using 10,000 permutations). Red circles denote CNV probes, black dots denote SNPs, the blue line denotes recombination rate, green lines denote genes, and the grey shaded areas denote the CNV region that was observed in MBCFS.

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