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Table 1 Characteristics of subjects used in the discovery and replication phases

From: The association of copy number variation and percent mammographic density

Study MBCFS Mayo VTE
Design Family study Case–control study
0/585 0/328
Age, mean (SD) (years) 57.2 (11.6) 61.0 (12.7)
BMI, mean (SD) (kg/m2) 27.1 (5.7) 28.4 (6.1)
Pre-menopausal (%) 30.4 25.6
Percent density, mean (SD) 26.6 (15.91) 14.6 (13.62)
Mammogram view Average of CC and MLO CC
PD measurement software Cumulus Cumulus
Digitizer Software Lumiscan Array 2905
  1. MBCFS Mayo Breast Cancer Family Study and Mayo VTE venous thromboembolism Case–Control Study. CC Craniocaudal and MLO mediolateral oblique.