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Table 1 The common features of the distal 10q trisomy syndrome

From: Distal 10q trisomy with copy number gain in chromosome region 10q23.1–10q25.1: the Wnt signaling pathway is the most pertinent to the gene content in the region of copy number gain: a case report

Facial Musculoskeletal Other
Minor facial dysmorphism* Microcephaly* Growth retardation*
High/large forehead* Hypotonia Psychomotor retardation*
Fine eyebrows* Joint laxity Mental retardation*
Antimongoloid slants* Camptodactyly* Cardiac abnormalities
Ocular hypertelorism Scoliosis Ocular abnormalities
Epicanthic folds Short neck Renal abnormalities*
Flat nasal bridge* Small bones and hands* Brain abnormalities*
Short nose   Pulmonary defects
Low set ears   Autism spectrum disorder
Posteriorly rotated ears*   
Short palpebral fissures*   
Cleft palate   
Bow-shaped mouth*   
  1. * Features present in the present report’s described case.