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Table 3 description of the three clusters identified by CMA and AHC

From: Adherence to oral anticancer chemotherapy: What influences patients’ over or non-adherence? Analysis of the OCTO study through quantitative–qualitative methods

Clusters, N = 38 P value
Cluster A, N = 16
 Educational level: college 0.0003
 Actual of former profession: executive 0.048
 Reason for discontinuation: disease progression 0.002
 Length of oral chemotherapy ≤3 cycles 0.003
 Intention to get more information elsewhere 0.02
 Thought a dose could be missed during treatment 0.02
 In couple with children 0.049
Cluster B, N = 9
 Occupation: retired <0.0001
 Educational level: primary school 0.0001
 Thought that missing a dose was serious 0.02
 BMI <28 0.042
Cluster C, N = 13
 Educational level: secondary school 0.003
 No discontinuation of protocol 0.004
 Length of oral chemotherapy ≥3 cycles 0.014
 Did not know the prescribed dose well 0.009
 Occupation: sick leave 0.01
 Residence: town 0.03
 Did not think that a dose could be missed during treatment 0.03
 Already had had oral chemotherapy 0.04
 Did not know there was a choice between oral/IV treatment 0.04