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Table 2 Pearson correlation and regression models predicting HAZ, change in HAZ over 3 months and intestinal permeability markers using serum ln EndoCab, n = 388

From: Plasma endotoxin core antibody concentration and linear growth are unrelated in rural Malawian children aged 2–5 years

  r B (SE) P value
Height-for-age, Z-score −0.047 −0.078 (0.05) 0.14
Change in height-for-age, Z scorea −0.078 −0.019 (0.02) 0.27
%Lactulose 0.025 <0.001 (0.06) 0.98
Lactulose:mannitol <0.001 0.021 (0.04) 0.62
  1. Variables included in the final models: HAZ, adj R2 = 0.09 (age in mos at serum sampling, bike ownership, metal roof on house, mother as primary caretaker, long distance to water, soap use); change in HAZ, adj R2 = 0.02 (age in mos at sampling, initial WAZ, IDDS, bike ownership, animals sleep in house); ln %L, adj R2 = 0.01 (male gender, pit latrine use); ln L:M, adj R2 = 0.11 (age in mos at sampling).
  2. r, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient for ln EndoCab; B, standardized regression coefficient (change in respective measurement per 1-unit change ln EndoCab, adjusting for other co-variables); SE, standard error.
  3. P value associated with B for ln EndoCab.
  4. aChange in HAZ from time of sampling to 3 months later.