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Table 1 Initial screening for antimicrobial activity of extracts of plants used customarily to treat skin conditions

From: Antimicrobial activity of customary medicinal plants of the Yaegl Aboriginal community of northern New South Wales, Australia: a preliminary study

Planta (voucher number) Extractb Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 27853) Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 29213)
Disc diffusionc MTTd Disc diffusionc MTTd
Average (range) MIC median (range) Average (range) MIC median (range)
Apple gum
 Lophostemon suaveolens (Sol. ex Gaertn.) Peter G. Wilson & J.T. Waterh (MQ 73008908) H2O (I) na na 2 (1–3) 188 (125–250)
EtOH na na 3 (2.5–3.5) 93 (63–125)
 Syncarpia glomulifera subsp. glomulifera (Sm.) Nied. (MQ 73009066) H2O (I) 5.5 (0–10) na 6.5 (5–10) 300 (250–500)
EtOH na na 3 (3–6) 63 (31–63)
Beach morning glory
 Ipomoea brasiliensis (L.) Sweet (MQ 73007958)A H2O (D) na na na na
EtOH na na na na
 Corymbia intermedia (R.T. Baker) K.D. Hill & L.A.S. Johnson (NSW 792670) H2O (I) 1 (1) na 2 (1–3.5) 250 (250–500)
EtOH na na 2.5 (2–4) 299 (174–500)
Coastal jackbean
 Canavalia rosea (Sw.) DC. (MQ 73008909) H2O (D) na na na na
EtOH na na na na
 Alocasia brisbanensis Domin (MQ 73008737) H2O (D) na na na na
EtOH na na na na
 Smilax australis R.Br. (wide leaf) (NSW 792674) H2O (I) na na na na
 Smilax glyciphylla Sm. (narrow leaf) (NSW 792380) H2O (I) na na na na
 Hibbertia scandens (Willd.) Gilg (MQ 73008905) H2O (D) na na na na
EtOH na na na na
 Antibiotic control (Gentamycin)   8 (8) 1.25 8 (8) 0.5
  1. na no activity detected.
  2. aLeaves of plants used in all cases except where indicated.
  3. bExtraction method used: H2O—based on traditional preparation (D, decoction; I, infusion; CI, cold infusion), EtOH—80% aqueous ethanol.
  4. cValues given are inhibition in mm from the edge of the disc; average (range) of 4 replicates.
  5. dMIC noted as µg/mL, based on the last dilution of extract not to exhibit yellow–blue colour change in MTT assay; values given are median (range) of four replicates.
  6. ALeaves and stems.