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Figure 2

From: Fatal non-thrombotic pulmonary embolization in a patient with undiagnosed factitious disorder

Figure 2

a Microcrystalline cellulose embolization affecting arterioles (arrowhead) and medium-sized pulmonary arteries (top-center) with associated perivascular granulomatous reaction consisting of multi-nucleated giant cells (long arrow) and epithelioid histiocytes (double long arrow) (Hematoxylin & Eosin, original magnification ×100). b Microcrystalline cellulose fibers stained salmon pink (Congo red, original magnification ×400). c Microcrystalline cellulose fibers stained gray-black with Gomori methenamine-silver (original magnification ×400). d Microcrystalline cellulose stained magenta with PAS (periodic Acid-Schiff stain, original magnification ×400).

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