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TableĀ 1 Study patients

From: Severely deranged vital signs as triggers for acute treatment modifications on an intensive care unit in a low-income country

Patient Diagnosis Days in ICU Died in ICU Medical record available Observation charts available No. of observation-timepoints from patient
1 Kidney stone, post-op nephrostomy 4 Yes Yes Yes 4
2 Peritonitis, post-op (2 operations) 7 Yes Yes Yes 51
3 Pulmonary oedema, hypertensive disease, referral from other hospital 1 Yes Yes Yes 1
4 Post-op elective total mandibulectomy 3 No Yes Yes 6
5 Peritonitis Unknown No Yes Yes 4
6 Post-op elective hemi-mandibulectomy 1 No Yes Yes 2
7 Eclampsia, ruptured uterus, acute renal failure, referral from other hospital 9 Yes Yes Yes 7
8 Poly-trauma, traffic accident, brain injury 17 No Yes Yes 48
9 Post-op elective thyroidectomy, huge non-toxic multi-nodular goitre 3 No Yes Yes 3
10 Post-op ameloblastoma 1 No Yes No 0
11 Post-op simple multi-nodular goitre 1 No Yes No 0
12 Poly-trauma, head injury, post-op explorative laparotomy 23 (7 during study month) No Yes No 0
13 Post-op elective thyroidectomy, multi-nodular goitre 2 No Yes No 0
14 Uterine injury, post-op burst abdomen, re-laparotomy Unknown No No No 0
15 Intestinal obstruction, post laparotomy Unknown No No No 0