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Table 1 An individual health questionnaire administered to everyone enrolled in the study

From: Innovative tools and OpenHDS for health and demographic surveillance on Rusinga Island, Kenya

Question Answer possibility
Individual ID ABCDE100
Fieldworker ID TO01
Illness over past 2 weeks Yes; no
If illness reported: what symptoms? (1) Diarrhoea, (2) fever, (3) vomiting, (4) rash, (5) bowel ache, (6) head ache, (7) cough/sore throat, (8) joint pain, (9) dizziness, (10) other (manually specify)
Fever over the last 2 days? Yes; no
Current fever? Yes, no
Under malaria treatment now? Yes; no
If illness or fever reported: take temperature measurement 37.6
If temperature 37.4 °C or above: RDT test (1) Negative, (2) P. falciparum, (3) other Plasmodium, (4) mixed malaria infection, (5) respondent refused to take test
Do you suffer respiratory symptoms? Yes, no
If respiratory symptoms are experienced: Did you seek medical attention? Yes, no
If medical attention: what medical attention was sought? (1) Doctor, (2) nurse, (3) community health worker, (4) traditional healer, 5) other (manually specify)
Do you use any drug for the fever? Yes, no
If using drugs against fever: which drugs? (1) Anti malarials, (2) antibiotics, (3) pain killers, (4) other (manually specify)
  1. In the right column an example of an individual’s answer in italics