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Table 2 Flavonoids content by the two colorimetric methods on B. buceras and P. californicum in different solvent type

From: Solvent effects on phytochemical constituent profiles and antioxidant activities, using four different extraction formulations for analysis of Bucida buceras L. and Phoradendron californicum

Plant Part Solvent Flavonols (µg of CE/mg of extract) Flavanones (µg of PNE/mg of extract) Total flavonoids (µg/mg of extract)
Bucida Leaf AC a72.075 ± 8.791A b69.897 ± 4.481C a142.591 ± 13.001B
ET b37.219 ± 9.716A a95.837 ± 6.389A ab133.056 ± 12.590A
ME a71.183 ± 11.033A c54.475 ± 6.355B ab90.067 ± 33.427AB
A b51.704 ± 9.873A b67.922 ± 10.195B b120.785 ± 7.593A
Bucida Trunk AC a51.180 ± 6.242B a119.538 ± 11.551B a169.034 ± 16.231B
ET d19.119 ± 2.018B a93.999 ± 8.614A c112.710 ± 9.607A
ME c33.976 ± 5.117B a104.269 ± 15.674A b138.246 ± 15.296A
A b40.306 ± 2.892A a107.886 ± 14.794A ab148.947 ± 16.008A
Bucida Stem AC a49.980 ± 6.171B a237.273 ± 21.254A a287.254 ± 20.597A
ET c24.643 ± 2.957A b49.013 ± 3.959B c73.656 ± 5.214B
ME b34.875 ± 3.671B b64.122 ± 5.262B b98.997 ± 6.601B
A b41.430 ± 2.510A b62.979 ± 5.292B b104.409 ± 4.293A
Toji mesquite Stem AC d25.811 ± 3.523B a42.977 ± 4.286B d68.788 ± 6.022B
ET c68.094 ± 7.528B a42.987 ± 4.897A c114.867 ± 10.811B
ME a153.673 ± 11.553A b34.542 ± 3.395B a190.125 ± 8.410B
A b90.516 ± 7.289B a49.45671 ± 4.190B b138.100 ± 8.310B
Toji oak Stem AC d87.632 ± 6.974A b63.414 ± 3.651A d151.097 ± 9.766A
ET b260.685 ± 23.031A b54.719 ± 5.671A b330.295 ± 15.120A
ME c173.377 ± 14.982A b59.170 ± 4.895A c233.384 ± 14.325A
A a316.858 ± 13.580A a83.023 ± 11.668A a409.651 ± 23.091A
  1. The results are expressed as mean ± standard deviation (n = 3) of triplicate samples. Values in the same column followed by a different lowercase letter are significantly different (p < 0.05) in the same plant and part with different solvent. Different capital letter indicate significant differences (p < 0.05) between different part of the plant in the same solvent for B. buceras and same part and solvent for P. californicum (oak and mesquite)
  2. ET ethanol, A aqueous, AC acetone, ME methanol, CE Catechin, PNE Pinocembrine